The Dream Ripper


Stealing dreams is easy, but no one likes a thief…

Obsessed with finding the Muse responsible for the death of her brother, Erica Powell has no qualms with the dark temptations that he skills as a dream thief provide. Some of the most profitable dreams hang on the walls of Somnus like works of art and she is not above selling them to buy information on her brother’s killer. When her hunt turns into a deadly game of skill and danger Erica must face the fact that some things may not be all that they appear to be. In dreams, what you see isn’t always true.

As an incubus, Arc has never met a target he couldn’t charm. His seductive and alluring charisma earns him connections easily. Connections he uses to sell Erica’s dreams to the highest bidder. For Arc, fencing stolen goods in Somnus’s black market is a way to alleviate his boredom. That is until Erica is targeted by the Muses, the self-proclaimed gods of Somnus. Now, Arc will need to put his skills to better use if they’re going to wake up alive.

With Arc at her side and risks climbing rapidly, Erica will have only one chance.  Find the Muses, get her revenge and get out before they rip the rest of her world apart. But will she be able to find resolution in her brother’s death? Or will she find that some enemies are more powerful when they are covered in shadow?

Scott Tracey’s brand new release, The Dream Ripper, is a powerful, thrilling tale that will fascinate lovers of YA urban fantasy and paranormal romance! If you like Soul Screamers by Rachel Vincent or the Mortal Instruments by Cassie Clare then you are not going to want to miss the very first book in the REM Cycle series!